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The purpose of this publication is to answer questions that many people have about personal injury claims and no-fault insurance benefits. We wrote this to help people be better informed about their rights when they have been injured. We have found that many people do not know as much as they would like to know about their basic rights when they have been hurt. We hope this helps by providing answers to common questions that arise following an accident.

This first part of the material deals with Personal Injury cases. The second section covers "No-Fault" insurance, a type of coverage that is unique to all car and some motorcycle insurance policies.* "No-fault" insurance benefits are frequently also called Personal Injury Protection benefits. These are benefits available to you because you own an insured automobile. If you use either term, PIP or no-fault, your insurance agent, claims adjuster and lawyer will know what you are talking about.





Question: Is it worth a lawyer's time if we are only a few dollars apart?

Injuries from accidents occur in many different settings. Sometimes the injuries arise from an automobile or motorcycle accident, other times they may occur as the result of a dangerous condition on another person's property or perhaps from the use of a product which malfunctions or is improperly designed. In the worst of circumstances, injuries can result in the wrongful death of a person leaving behind surviving family members to deal with the emotional and financial losses caused by the wrongful death. If you would like to schedule a initial consultation contact an Kansas car / boat / semi accident attorney, representing clients in Hutchinson at McCullough, Wareheim & LaBunker, P.A. Give us a call at (785) 233-2362 or complete our inquiry form.


If your company is voluntarily paying you the maximum stated benefits under your policy, it you may not need an attorney. On the other hand, if you are uncertain whether or not your company is making proper payment to you under the policy, most reputable lawyers will not charge you anything to advise you whether or not there appear to be any additional benefits to which you are entitled. Secondly, if your insurance company refuses to pay you these additional benefits to which you may be entitled you will likely need an attorney. Additionally your attorney can usually be paid his attorney's fees by the company if it is necessary to file suit against the company to secure payment when they have wrongfully withheld payment.

On behalf of McCULLOUGH, WAREHEIM & LaBUNKER, P.A. we hope this material will be of benefit to you in answering your questions relative to wrongful death. Contact one of our slip fall injury lawyers representing clients in Hutchinson, Kansas (and throughout the State of Kansas) today to schedule your initial consultation.

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